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1.With costs escalating, I’ve changed my energy provider.


I’m now drinking Lucozade instead of Red Bull.


2. Albert Einstein was a genius.


However, his brother Frank was a monster.


3. I’ve just finished my 7th marathon in 7 days.


Oh wait! – I think that they’re called snickers bars now.


4. A new teacher is marking off the class attendance list and comes across the name HIJKM.


‘I’m sorry – I’m not sure how to pronounce this name’ he says.


A girl raises her hand and says ‘That’s me sir – it’s pronounced Noelle’.


5. 1st man : A cannibal took my sister to see a Russell Crowe film.


2nd man : Gladiator?


1st man : No, I’m not – I really miss her.  


6. Never be afraid to try something new.


Remember, amateurs built the Ark


But …er……………..professionals built the Titanic.

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Updated May 10 2024
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