Robin's Corner 

1. I told my girlfriend that I had a job in a bowling alley.

She asked ‘Ten Pin?’ I said ‘No – permanent’.

2. I went to buy a watch and the man in the shop asked ‘Analogue?’

I said ‘No thanks – just a watch’.

3. I went into a shop and asked ‘Can someone sell me a kettle please?’

The bloke said ‘Kenwood’. I said ‘O.K. – where is he then?’

4. I went into the hardware shop and asked for some nails. The bloke said

‘How long do you want them?’ I said ‘I want to keep them’.

5. The Underground sign said ‘Dogs must be carried on the escalator’. I

spent ages looking for a dog.

6. The control tower radioed the pilot ‘Please give us your height and

position’. ‘Well, I’m 5 foot 8 inches, and I’m sitting in the front’.

7. A snail was mugged by a tortoise. The police asked if he could describe

him. ‘Well, no – it all happened so quickly’.

8. What did they call Postman Pat after he was made redundant? ‘Pat’.

9. What is Rupert Bear’s middle name? ‘The’.

10. I accidentally drank some invisible ink. I’m now in hospital waiting to be seen.

11. It’s the first year we won’t be going to the Caribbean, because of Covid.

Normally we don’t go because we can’t afford it.

12. Where are you going for your holiday?’ ‘Seychelles’. ‘O.K. I’ll say ‘shells’,

but where are you going on your holiday?’


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