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Hidden Gems




Ken Heap                    Buddhist

Colin Dobson              First Responder

Maurice Dowling       Master Swimmer

Robin Haggett            Master Chess

Richard Porter           Political Intriguer

Keith Puttick               Marathon Runner

Richard Smith            Parachutist 

David Sutcliffe            Medieval Guide

David Marshall           Son in Boot

Cliff Putterford           Football Referee

John Umfreville         Red Guard

Terry Reed                  Event Lister

James Wheildon        Journeyman

Mike Fay                      Rapid Jeep Builder

Geoff Wilson               Fire Escaper

Roy Townshend         Crime  Non Thriller

Mike Penn                   Sealed Knot

Graham Newton        Master Wood Carver

John Jorden               Stag Night in Jail 

James Robertson      The Life Guard

Clifford King               Deadly Escape

Andrew Harris            Lost & Found 

The "Hidden Gem" initiative introduced by Ken Heap has proved extremely popular.

A few members who have missed out on receiving a "Gem" have asked if copies are available.

The answer is, yes, since always the print run is enough for every member to have a copy.

At this point over twenty two " Gems"  have been published.

Should you require original copies then drop an email to Roy Townshend ....


Updated July 22 2024
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